Friday, September 14, 2012

Yahoo! exemplifies web writing

Through appropriate headlines, concise copy and a reader friendly layout, Yahoo! excels at writing for the web. In other words, it is like a peanut butter, jelly and lettuce sandwich; I know what you're thinking...nasty, but it is the perfect combination.

Before things get kicked off, let me explain a little bit about the series we are about to begin. This is going to be a six week blogging adventure in which each week I discuss different writing platforms. For this week, I will be critiquing a website. Now lets take a look at Yahoo!'s website.

Yahoo! has a vast amount of coverage ranging from politics to celebrity gossip. Instead of one dominate story they have numerous amounts of stories scroll across the screen. To keep things organized there is an accordion type scroll bar (shown in the red box) that indicates where the reader is located amongst the different stories.

Each of Yahoo!'s stories are set up to make them the focal point of the reader when they are selected. In addition to a large photo, they all have a web appropriate title (shown in the orange box), a concise copy blurb (shown in green box) and of course plenty of hyperlinks that draw the reader to explore the story further. These qualities allow for ease of navigation and lets the reader know exactly what he or she is clicking.

In addition to being a news website, Yahoo! is also a well-known search engine. Yahoo! is able to provide its readers more content by providing informative headline hyperlinks (headline hyperlinks are just so fun to say I had to type it twice) that are created from the most searched things on their website. This information can be found in the upper right hand corner (shown in the yellow box).

Yahoo! provides its readers with easy access to information through their excellent use of headlines, copy, and hyperlinks. Its layout is also pleasing to the eyes because it follows an "f" pattern (shown by the black lines). Yahoo! does a great job writing for the web and maximizing their coverage. I know this is cliche, but in the case of Yahoo!, the information is right at the finger tips of the reader.

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