Friday, October 19, 2012 kicks other advertisements' butts

Advertisements are not a writing style per se, but they can contain writing and employ general guidelines that determine an eye-catching advertisement from a poor one. An advertisement I found from does an excellent job at catching the readers attention and promoting their job search services.
For starters, the image draws your attention and peaks the viewer's interest. Following the image, there is a headline that reads, "Maybe it's time to move on." The headline is clear, simple and gets the point of the advertisement across. If the viewer were to stop reading at that point, then he or she would have a general idea of what the advertisement was trying to say.

The advertisement continues; it provides a small blurb of copy that describes in more detail the services and calls the viewer to action if he or she is in need of a profession change.

Lastly, the viewer can see the logo of the company and its tagline in the bottom right hand corner to further promote the brand.

This advertisement puts a humorous spin on a stressful situation of changing careers, but it is clear what this business has to offer. The advertisement is coherent, concise and sticks out amongst the rest. 

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