Friday, October 5, 2012

The basics of media kits from solopreneur life

A combination of organization, creativity and information create a beautiful piece of art known as the media kit. A well put together media kit can help push a story or product over the edge and create intrigue.

The example of a media kit that will be examined this week is from Larry Keltto who is promoting his book, The Solopreneur Life.  After downloading the digital media kit from, it was clear what was lacking and also the good qualities exhibited.

Starting with the positive, the kit has good information that is clearly labeled and organized; it contains a bio of the author also known as a backgrounder. It also contains a press release, commonly asked interview questions and answers, the book summary, and a few photos. This information is helpful, and if I were to put together a story, I would have enough information to write a basic story.

However, the creativity of this media kit leaves the reader something to desire. The information is good, but everything is plain. It doesn't catch my eye, and I doubt it catches the eye of others. In addition, it would be helpful to have more information. The basics are covered, but a fact sheet would have been great, and a poster, ad or flyer image could have gone a long way as well.

This media kit accomplishes the basics, but could use some flare. The point is to pass information from the source to outside consumers in a way to create buzz and interest. The information is sent, but doesn't keep me interested.

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